Monday, November 12, 2007


Susan Jablon Mosaics has gone 100% GREEN. You can now purchase from us 100% Recycled
LEED Certified Glass Mosaic Tile! We have 85 colors in 1" tile that we can sell you by the square foot, or we can hand blend for you in a zillion possible ways!

This tile will be on sale on our website in a few days, but if you can't wait! feel free to call us at 607 748 2302.

100% Recycled, with certification available. Architects Boxes available for $15.00, give us a call til we get it up on line.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

What do Susan Jablon, Sex in the City and HGTV all have in common?

Well, TODAY is the answer! Today we received calls from the movie team of Sex in the City needing glass tile for their set, and we received a call from HGTV's show: Color Correction for a subway blend.

At Susan Jablon Mosaics we create blends for many TV shows, movie sets, magazine photo shoots. We've been on Fox: Hells Kitchen, NBC: Extreme Home Makeover, TLC Moving Up and While You Were Out, and on HGTV. We are known for our custom design work. People also know us because we love love love what we do!

Want your kitchen to look like a movie set, or a famous TV show? Just give Susan a call!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Gradients and mixed tile size blends now available!

Greetings! With our recent container arrival, we have new, incredible possibilities to offer you.

We can now blend tile sizes together in innumerable ways!

1" 2" and 1x3" tiles can be blended together in a random square foot mix.

1x3" and 1" tiles can be blended together in what is called a Flemish Bond pattern, or Running Bond Pattern. The pattern is 1x3/1/1x3/1 etc. and the next row is the opposite.

2" tiles and 1" recycled tiles can be blended together. This pattern would be 1 ( 2" ) tile and then 4 (1") recycled tiles, and then it would repeat in a checkerboard.

It will be a while before my tile designer program will be able to offer this, but I wanted you all to know you can call me ( 607 349 0553) and we can discuss any possible designs you might have in mind.

Also: Have a look at my blend catalog. We can turn any of these blends ( or anything that you come up with) into a gradient blend. This means it goes from light to dark ( or vice versa). These are terrific for shower walls, pool walls and accents, anywhere there is height. Gradients can be made from any tile we sell.

Also: Just arrived! MIRROR TILE!! It is in 4 sizes: .5 x 1.5 rectangle in the running brick pattern, 1" mirror, 3" x 6" mirror and 12" x12" mirror. Colors: silver, gold, grey, black, bronze, blush, turquoise,cobalt. And dare I mention: We can blend them as well!! Same sizes only.

Stay tuned to Susan Jablon Mosaics. The fun never stops!


The possibilities are endless! Don't hesitate to call me to discuss any inspipration you might want to explore!