Saturday, August 1, 2009

Another Customer loves our custom glass tile blends!

When it comes to customer service and custom design, Susan and Emily Jablon redefine its meaning. We hand make anything you can possibly imagine using glass tile, stainless steel tile and precious stone. Affordably and fast. Our happy customers tell the story. Here is another one:

Dear Susan:
As nice as the house is, the accents are what really matter to me...from the lighting fixtures, to the wood inlay, right down to the switchplates. Definitely don't be shy about sparkle and pop. The chiean pepper was my first foray into your website...I had no idea of the amazing contemporary designs that a consumer can actually get from your site without breaking the bank (although your semi-precious tiles are my favorite, but that would be the case for me). Erik and I visited many tile showrooms, and I was sure I had to stick with the almost ordinary accents because anything more elaborate would cost an arm and leg. I had that mentality when I first entered your site. Also, I didn't know that I could get your one-on-one help with this, which is invaluable. However, now I know differently, so go to town with your creativity in sparkle and pop...

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