Thursday, May 27, 2010

Susan Jablon Mosaics featured in Apartment Therapy!!

This Apartment Therapy makeover is making wonderful use of our Recycled 1" bottle glass R219. Here at Susan Jablon Mosaics we have expanded our Recycled Bottle Glass to include four finishes of Recycled Content Bottle Glass Tile: transparent, opaque, iridescent, and matte in 3 different sizes: 1 x 1", 2 x 2", and 1 x 3". Please check out these gorgeous tiles in our catalog recycled glass tile, and for even more fun, create your own blend of these tiles in our one of a kind online Mosaics Glass Tile Designer!

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raj mangal said...

Really this is very nice collection..these all pics is looking very nice..beautiful post..thanks for sharing beach condos