Thursday, January 17, 2008

Frequently Asked Questions from Customers of Susan Jablon Mosaics

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am having trouble with the Tile Designer loading. It says it is at 992% loading but it hangs up, what is wrong?

A: The Tile Designer has difficulty loading if your computer is using Intenet Explorer version 6.0.This version of IE is notorious for bugs and causes much trouble and havoc. Please download version 7.0 of Internet Explorer and you will sail through the loading process. If anyone is having any problems with the tile designer or any aspect of my site, please email me or send me a screen shot as I want to know of any problems.

Q: Is the ORGANiKS tile compatable with all the other tiles, and can it be mixed in the tile designer?

A: Yes! Absolutely., Clink of the choice SIZE TILE when in the first stagee of the tile designer. Select 1" tiles. The ORGANiKS tile is in the tile designer with the item code V and then the tile number. You can mix and match it in any way with all the other 1" tiles.


Q: I would like to mix stainless steel tiles in with glass tiles, is this possible?

A: Yes! With the arrival of the 4mm Stainless Steel Tiles, they will be available for blending in the 1" tiles, 3/4" tiles, 2" tiles and in the 1x3 subway size tiles. This should be available early February, 2008.


Q: I would like to mix different size tiles together. Is this possible?

A: Yes! Absolutely. We are designing grids for this process as I write this. We have this capability now and can help you with your designs around the tile designer, so call Susan at 607 349 0553. this capability should be in the tile designer in March 2008, but is certainly available now.f

Q: I need to send you my recipe number from your old site so I can order my blend. How do I do this?

A: The best way to do this is to call me at 607-748-2302 or email me. I can re-create your recipe for you in our new Custom Blend Tile Designer. You will be on your way to ordering in just a few minutes! You can email me or call me (7 days a week) and I will respond to you as quickly as possible.


Q: I have created a recipe in the Custom Blend Tile Designer and I am ready to place my order. How do I do this?

A: When you saved your blend the first time, you created an account for yourself. This is where you need to go now. Log in to your account and click on My Blends. This will show you all the blends you have created. You can order right from there by clicking on Buy. From there you will go into the shopping cart, where you can specify the area to be covered with tile, and proceed to specify and process your order.


Q: I want to order a sample of a blend before I order my full amount. How long will a sample take to get to me?

A: We ship samples out within 48 hours of receiving your order, and then shipping times apply.
Once we receive your full order, we ask for two weeks to make this for you, and then shipping times apply to your order. Susan Jablon Mosaics is located in Upstate New York. If you are in California, the shipping time to you is one week if we ship ground. If you are in Manhattan, it is two days. Express delivery available for an additional charge.


Q: What if I can’t wait two weeks, and I need my order expedited immediately. Is there a fee for expediting my order?

A: If you are in a rush, please tell Susan by either calling her 607-748-2302 (weekdays) or 607-349-0553 (evenings and weekends) or emailing her. We will be very happy to help you. There is no fee for this. You might want to consider upgrading the UPS shipping from ground to an air shipment. There will be an additional shipping charge associated with this. You can see what this would cost by placing your order in the shopping cart and choosing your shipping option.


Q: I have received my blend, but I don’t understand how to install this.

A: A blend is a hand-made mosaic. It is a piece of art that will soon be adorning where you live, work or play. It is not similar to a ceramic tile installation process; it takes a certain amount of understanding and patience to do this work well. You need the right tools and equipment (see our section on Glass Tile Installation Techniques) and you need to approach this installation as the "art process" that it is. In our opinion, the best idea is to hire a professional installer. If that is possible, and he or she has questions, please encourage them to call me so we can discuss everything. If you will be doing this yourself, by all means, call me and let’s spend the time together going over everything you might want to review. The best results come from the customers who take the most time to understand what this process is and how to best achieve great results, easily and carefully.


Q: Can glass tile be put in a pool? What if my climate is freezing in the winter?

A: Absolutely YES!! Please visit my Amazing Glass Tile Gallery and feast your eyes on lots of pool installations that my customers are enjoying. Glass tile is exterior and interior rated, so your pool can be in a freezing climate and be very successful. It is the mortar that you install your glass tiles into that has to be unique: It needs to be latex modified. This gives the installation flexibility so that when it is freezing cold or blazing hot, the mortar can move, allowing the tile to adjust to the temperature changes.


Q: Can glass tile be used on a floor? Will it be slippery?

A: Yes, glass tile can be used on a floor, it can go anywhere that ceramic tile can go. A floor foundation must be screwed down completely and have no bounce or movement or squeaking. A cement floor is the perfect foundation for glass tile. Will it be slippery? Certainly, when wet. Wet surfaces are slippery and care must be taken, but is it slippery all on its own? No, a glass tile floor is like any normal floor.

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