Saturday, January 19, 2008

Whole Division at

Wholesale Customer Info Center:

Lorrie RobertsLorrie Roberts is the Wholesale Division Manager at SJM. Everyone who signs up for a wholesale account will meet Lorrie, probably first with her cheerful welcome phone call, or her checking to make sure your account is approved and in place on line. She might check in to see how your trade show went over the weekend, or if installations are proceeding on target. Lorrie covers all bases, and she watches your back. We know how important attention to detail is, and you can rest assured Lorrie is carefully paying her attention to you.

Lorrie is also an amazing mosaic artist, the Number One credential for leadership positions at SJM. Her ability to create kaleioscopic patterns that repeat and unfold into amazing patterns will simply astound you. Watch for a design link to Lorries work on line, sometime soon.

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