Saturday, January 23, 2010

Susan Jablon Mosaics Donates to H'Art of the Art

ARTIST and Sponsor UPDATE: January 2010
Hello from h'ART of BC!
· Keep up with the developments as we get into the creative phase of this project! Have you seen the first prototype dinosculpture in front of Barnes and Noble? The rainbow hued sculpture was done by Artist Maggie Martin in glass tiles donated by Susan Jablon Mosaics in Vestal, NY 13850.

ARTISTS are currently working with sponsors. Sculptor Derek Nelson, is working in his studio on Castle Gardens Rd. where he is using materials and equipment from his metal shop. Chris Bahr is working on “Lotta HeART” in the ART building studio and will OPEN on First Friday February 5. There are 4 of the dinos in this studio currently. Artist’s portfolios are on the website. We are still taking applications and looking for the best public exhibition that our creative community can provide. Apply / artists application.
DINOS: will be worked on through the winter months. The creator of the cast sculptures, Bill Klopping of Beyond Design in Walton, NY is in full-out production, and is going to be delivering the sculptures continually until we have one for each committed sponsor.
MATERIALS: are available at 40% off of the price of any Golden Artist Colors products at Commercial Art in Syracuse, NY. They are located at 935 Erie Blvd Eastor call (315) 474-1000. We thank Barb Golden and her staff at headquarters in New Berlin this offer. Just mention that you are one of the artists working on the h’ART of BC project in Binghamton to receive your discount. Golden Artist Colors has a page on their website about working on fiberglass outdoor sculptures.
STUDIOS: have been offered.... studio space in the Oakdale Mall where artists can work and have public preview to build interest in the project. Thank you Nancy Phillips for supporting this! Dinos can easily be delivered and worked on there. The lower level downtown studio of the ART building on State St, near Lewis (sidewalk next to Firestone Tire) is Open on First Friday, February 5.

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