Thursday, January 28, 2010

Susan Jablon Mosaics helps Galveston get their groove back

Beautiful Mosaic Columns at Morgan Nearly Complete
L.A. Morgan Elementary students are finishing work on two column mosaics that depict the
animals, trees, wetlands other environmental features of Galveston Island and its surroundings.
One column represents from the beach to the sky and the other from the bay to the sky. All
ecosystems are represented: prairie, oak mott, dunes, freshwater wetland, saltwater wetland, open
bay, beach, the Gulf of Mexico and the air. The columns are 13 feet tall and 6.5 feet in diameter.
The mosaic is made of clay fired ceramics, glass tiles, ceramic tiles, mortar, and grout. If laid flat,
the art work would would cover 169 square feet. The project is the work of Morgan students and
local eco-art educator Lisa Jean Reznick, who operates the Artist Boat in Galveston. Students
participated in classes that integrate art and science lessons before, during, and after school. The
students hand-built clay pieces that represent barrier island animal life.
Artist Boat participation was supported by Morgan Principal Annette Dailey, the Bromberg
Foundation, City of Galveston, Unitarian Universalist Church, and Susan Jablon Mosaics.

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