Sunday, January 17, 2010

Susan Jablon Mosaics testimonial

Susan Jablon Mosaics

I must give credit where credit is due. Famed interior designer, Candace Olsen, showcased a kitchen renovation on an episode of her HGTV show, Divine Design. I've watched hundreds of kitchen makeover shows in my lifetime. But something about this episode caught my eye. Candace pointed to a scrumptious, sumptuous, shimmery, watery mosaic backsplash made with eye-catching, light-reflecting glass tiles. Gorgeous!

Even after the episode ended, I couldn't stop thinking about the tile. I found a website stocked with some of the prettiest tile blends I've ever seen. Susan Jablon Mosaics ( has created an entire lifestyle centered around tiny one-inch squares of colored glass.

I knew that I wasn't going to attempt any major tiling project. I actually just wanted to create some type of mosaic wall art to hang in my kitchen. Luckily for me, the sample sheets that she offers are the perfect size to use for a smaller craft project. Even more delightful, is the Custom Blend Tile Designer program that is featured on the website. This program gives you an opportunity to create and edit different blends of tiles. You can preview the tile blends with different grout and background colors.

Susan Jablon's website offers more than just an infinite supply of tiles. There are pictures for inspiration, instructions for installation, and tips for color selections. The customer service is superb - my sample tile order was treated as importantly as if I were purchasing enough square footage for a pool. There are plenty of links to find answers to just about any question relating to tile.

Overall, this is an exciting site for anyone who is at all creatively inclined.

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