Sunday, March 30, 2008

Jacob L. Slevin,Really Simple llc, Founder ENDORSES Susan JablonMosaics and ORGANiKS, 100% Certified Recycled Glass Mosaic Tile!

For Susan Jablon, art is an integral part of her being and this passion is translated in her company Susan Jablon Mosaics. Drawing inspiration from mosaics, Jablon's tiles and other related works are carving quite a niche for themselves. To me her mosaic inspired tiles come together as pieces of an entrancing puzzle that manage to create an unified whole.

Not content with commemorating the conventional and hence romancing the uncharted, the tiles at Susan Jablon Mosaics represent a new kind of affordable luxury. The company stocks glass mosaics, river stone and stainless steel in three warehouses and the entire team strives to:

"Create incredible combinations of glass, stainless steel and river stone, and have them affordably priced for both the wholesale and retail marketplace,"

My own favorite is their ORGANIKS and the River Stone Tile line. In fact ORGANIKS Glass tiles are 100% recycled glass tiles available in 100 different shades and can even glow in the dark incase you fancy some extra illumination.

So how does Jablon create the ORGANIKS Tiles? Well read on.

Damaged car windshields on being smashed are pulverized into glass powder, which through processing is formed into mosaic tiles shapes. The tiles are fire-resistant, water-resistant and the on board antimicrobial and antimold properties make it extremely durable.

The River Stone tiles on the other hand are available in Large, Medium, and Small sizes and one can opt for River Stone sheets in Amber, Black, Brown, White and Mixed colors. They are sold by the square foot, or in the stacked (sometimes called standing) variety sold by the linear foot.

Admittedly, not the most conventional choice however the tiles do imply a new kind of intelligent luxury and personally I see it a canvas for some riotous innovation.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to usage as one can use ORGANIKS and River Stone both indoor as well as outdoors. Be it your home spa, your garden or even your walls the tiles blends right in and in many ways is a perfect representation of discernment.

For me the ORGANIKS and the River Stone collection recreates the allure and energy of the natural elements that symbolizes the great outdoor and also demonstrate the company's conscious. The Tiles can be used in both traditional and contemporary construction, and while its not imposing it does command attention. One can also inculcate it in any given interior scheme, as they tend to enhance the elements in a room and create a soft aura and also pay homage to the environment.

Jacob L. Slevin
Really Simple llc, Founder

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