Wednesday, March 12, 2008

ORGANiKS Susan Jablon Mosaics 100% Certified Recycled Glass Mosaic Reviews!


Exerpts from Live Journal .com:

The Susan Jablon Mosaics on-line store has so many types of tiles - and a few different recycled types - but the OrganiKs is the newest and the one with the widest color ranges. I chatted with Susan about the new line - and she told me that many of the other "recycled" tiles are not actually so eco friendly, some are not fully recycled content - and others use some non-organic chemicals to make the colors - this new type only uses organic colorants. I really hope I can find a client to use them soon - I would love to play with these. I do a lot of green building, and I am so glad to hear that your planning to build your own green home - we love ours!

b_design (sb_design) wrote in _green_house_,

I just saw samples of a beautiful eco product - 100% recycled glass tiles. I love using glass mosaic tiles in my work and I am really excited to use this product the first chance I get! It is called ORGANiKS and it is available from www.Susan Jablon - on line. It comes in tons of beautiful colors - cool sizes and blends! Yea - I hope more companies start selling more eco-friendly finish options.

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